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Company brief

Company mission: we assist in making your business transparent and manageable.

Our story starts with Voloshyn company founded in 2001. At present “Digital Innovations” is a well-structured company providing solutions for business automation. It is a member of All-Ukrainian SAB.

Expertise of “Digital Innovations”:

  • Automation of management and accounting;
  • Introduction and implementation of BAS;
  • BAS support;
  • Outsourced accounting.

According to our mission all the key areas of our expertise blend together: consultants, software developers and experts in the field of business automation work as a team and “BAS” is a reliable basis for applied solutions of the company.

All our employees are proficient and competent enough to make your business more efficient and productive.

Our clients are experts concerned with efficiency and proficiency; they create value and value quality. Our client is our benchmark. We strive to anticipate and meet our clients’ needs.

Our core competencies and certificates

We always work on development of our competencies in order to provide quality services for our customers. All specialists of the company have been chosen according to all the requirements, they are obliged to improve their knowledge constantly and they are certified by the relevant authorities.

So far we have received the following certificates:

  • Accounting and taxation management – 62 certificates;
  • Payroll and personnel management – 32 certificates;
  • Docflow – 1 certificate;
  • IFRS - 1 certificate;
  • Consolidation - 5 certificates;
  • Manufacturing company management – 11 certificates;
  • Project Management - 1 certificates;
  • BAS Platform - 30 certificates;
  • Trade management – 38 certificates.

Digital Innovations has been certified as:

  • Manufacturing Competence Centre;
  • Consulting certified partner;
  • Customer support centre;
  • Certification training centre;
  • Trade competence centre;
  • ERP centre candidate.