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We implement ERP-systems at manufacturing plants

Oversee the whole business at a glance

quickly evaluate enterprise key performance indexes
Accounting and Finance
IFRS reporting
Customer and Sales Management
Inventory Management​
Production Management​ and more...

Why ERP?
Smart, powerful, flexible and customizable

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  • Accounting solution #1 in Eastern Europe – more than 1.000.000 installations
  • 100% ready solution
  • Modern and powerful ERP functionality out of the box – best choice for quick launch!
  • Corporate finance and IFRS modules included
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Multiplatform and compatible with different DBMS
  • Attractive licensing policy and low TCO
  • Fully customizable and full source code access
  • Hot remote support and maintenance

Major projects and results of implemented solutions

LLC “SE Bordnetze Ukraine” produces cable products for concern “Volkswagen”. The founder is Japan Company “Sumitomo Electric” (Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze) — the world’s leading cable manufacturer.
PJSC “UKRHIDROENERGO” is the biggest hydro-generating c company in Ukraine, which includes 9 stations on the rivers Dnipro and Dniester
"DINTER UKRAINE SKALA" — the subsidiary of the German company "DOHLER", the world's leading manufacturer, seller and supplier of natural ingredients and ingredient systems on the technological basis, as well as integrated solutions for beverage and food products.
The holding includes the enterprises of mining and processing industries, agricultural enterprises, as well as hotels, restaurants, management and other subsidiary companies - 15 companies in total.

Issues many companies are usually faced with

Downtime on collecting and arranging of necessary business data. Frequently made mistakes in managerial reports.
Ineffective business unit colla-boration, lack of key processes automation.
Local accounting software doesn’t provide detailed analysis, a competent professional is req-uired to analyze financial figures.
Business growth and efficiency are limited by low productivity of company’s departments and employees.

Forget about all these problems and implement the modern and powerful ERP-system

Key benefits
of ERP usage

Based on statistics the implementation of ERP allows to obtain the following effect:

Inventory and Production

  • Reduction of material stock level up to 21%
  • Reduction of expenses on material resources av. 9%
  • Reduction of operating and administrative expenses 11%
  • Reduction of cost of sales up to 8%
  • Reduction of production expenses 8%
  • Growth of warehouse inventory turnover 19%
  • Increase volume of output 15%

Operational workflow and reporting

  • Reduction of accounting and controlling worload in different departments up to 30%
  • Acceleration of management reporting up to 3.3 times
  • Acceleration of regulated reporting preparation up to 2.8 times

Effectiveness and profitability

  • Reduction of orders fulfilment timing about 30%
  • Increasing of markup up to 13%

Key advantages of ERP

Out-of-box solution for the market, rapid implementation technology
Fully compliant with local tax legislation in CIS-countries
Modern business-processes and financial accounting (including IFRS)
User-friendly interface, well known by users in CIS
Open source and multilingual
Wide range of integration possibilities with other software
Easily Scalable, cross-platform