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Automation of orchard
fruits picking, storage,
sorting and selling
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The process of fruits picking,
transporting, sorting, storing and selling
AGROTRACER system functions
Harvesting planning and order making
Automated weighing of gathered harvest
Produce storing and loss accounting
Planning and streamlining of sorting processes
Ensuring of traceability according to Global G. A. P. requirements
Analytical reporting
Integration with various equipment and exchanges with BAS
AGROTRACER allows to:
  • receive updates on gathered harvest in the context of fields, field quarters, teams, sorts, calibers, etc;
  • decrease the impact of “human factor” on the processes of harvesting and storing;
  • consider weather conditions when weighing produce;
  • automate distribution of produce into storage chambers;
  • minimize the number of produce sorting cycles due to streamlining of manufacturing processes;
  • control produce losses at every stage of storing and manufacturing;
  • use various options of produce packing;
  • ensure traceability due to marking system;
  • automate workplaces and mobile points of weigher, forklift driver, storekeeper and sorting line operator;
  • maintain common work with electronic scales, data collection terminals, label printers, POS-terminals, mobile devices.
AGROTRACER system interface
Simple, clear and easy to learn by user interface
Order for harvest gathering
It enables to clearly plan harvest gathering works in the system. A manager can see what is planned to be gathered next day, week, and the necessary number of teams for further days.
Printed form
Weighing of gathered harvest
Information from the scales is automatically input into the system, therefore the highest control is ensured. The labels are automatically printed on every container after weighing.
Container label
Summary monthly report on harvesting
It enables to see clearly the amount of apples picked by every team, sorts, fields and field quarters, where they were picked. The advantage of the platform BAS is the opportunity to decipher all figures from any report, i.e. to open the documents, according to which the operation was carried. All reports are also flexibly set up.
Losses of storing
The report which allows seeing the difference between the amount of gathered harvest, which arrived for storage, and the amount of sold yield. The report enables to review information on containers, sorts and chambers.
Streamlining of production planning
Planning of sorting line work. The main task in case of harvest sorting is ensuring the minimum number of times harvest passes through the sorting line. As there are many customers’ orders and every customer has his/her own requirements as to the quality and size of apples, the mechanism “Streamlining of production planning” was developed. The objective of its work is to group the apples from different customers’ orders according to the sorts as fast and easy for the user as possible.
Order for produce sorting
Produce output
Produce output fixation (Automated workplace (AWP)