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"DINTER UKRAINE SKALA" - the subsidiary of the German company "DOHLER", the world's leading manufacturer, seller and supplier of natural ingredients and ingredient systems on the technological basis, as well as integrated solutions for beverage and food products.

In 2015, the project of automation of accounting, management and technology accounting, in the "Ukraine Dinther Skala" based on "Manufacturing enterprise management” was finished.

The following subsystems were put into the industrial operation:

  • sales management;
  • purchase management;
  • cash-flow management;
  • inventory management, including address storage;
  • production management without the schedule of production;
  • calculation of the cost price of production;
  • non-current assets management;
  • human resources management, personnel and salary calculation;
  • regulated accounting.

Additional features were developed:

  • Connection of electronic scales to ERP, that made completely possible the elimination of the workers’ abuse on the stages of acceptance of raw materials;
  • Configuration was translated into English for the analysis of activities by chief-foreigner and for the reporting to the parent company "Dohler";
  • Technological accounting was automated. It enabled the main technologist of the company to carry out production records in the context of the series, including all the chemical and organoleptic characteristics. There is a possibility to predict selling results and to track the materials processing chain;
  • Certification path was implemented.