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SEBN-Ukraine ERP automation



For this enterprise we implemented the software product “Manufacturing company management 8”. The total number of automated workplaces is 60. Automation was made for the following sites:

  • accounting and taxation management (including automatic generations of financial and tax reports);
  • salary and personnel management;
  • money management;
  • order management.

A number of subsystems have been developed individually that enabled the optimization of many critical business processes of the enterprise. They are:

  • integration of the accounting system with “electronic passage” for employees payroll automation (the number of employees at customer enterprises – 4000). This information has helped in automating of the accounting of employee actual stay at the enterprise that in its turn has become the basis for keeping actual records of working time.
  • an addition of payroll sheets to pin envelopes has been developed. This has provided primarily confidentiality preservation and efficiency of printing and issuing of the payroll sheets.
  • a corporate system of time management has been developed which helped in keeping records of working time efficiently, operating centre employment according to the planned schedule (shifts, individual), control and analyzing of the working time efficiency.
  • the “Recruiting” subsystem has been developed and its implementation has simplified business recruitment process, storing and further analysis of information about every candidate to the greatest extent.
  • to enable keeping work incapacity certificates, employee medical examination and complaints on medications the company has developed a separate module - “Medical station”.
  • accounting software has been integrated with specialized manufacturing software.
  • the configuration has been developed: “Accounting raw materials for processing”. Its main task is an accounting of raw materials imported into the customs territory of Ukraine, processing recording, and their further export from the country in the form of finished products. The configuration also includes printing and export of all legal documents for customs and a chamber of commerce.

Maintenance and improvement of the software system are carried out according to a service level agreement (SLA). The agreement includes quantitative and qualitative characteristics of services such as accessibility, user support, troubleshooting time and others.

The staff of an executive company provides an individual client manager service for a business customer which covers joint project management, coordination of activities, software development planning and others.