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PJSC “UKRHIDROENERGO” is the biggest hydro-generating c company in Ukraine, which includes 9 stations on the rivers Dnipro and Dniester: Kyivska, Kanivska, Kremenchutska, Dniprodzerdzhynska, Dniprovska, Kakhov hydro-electric power station, Kyiv pumped storage plant, hydro-electric power station and pumped storage plant on the Dniester river. In 2014, the total number of hydroelectric units at the company stations was 102, and their total capacity reached 5401 MW (which is 8.6 % of the total generating capacity of hydroelectricity in Ukraine). The company provides load-factoring, power-frequency control, mobile emergency reserve in the united energy system of Ukraine.

In 2011, VOLOSHYN Company has successfully completed a project of developing a unified corporate accounting system for PJSC “Ukrhidroenergo”. The system has helped to solve a number of challenges in the scale of the whole enterprise and provided operation of more than 200 automated workplaces.

Introduced ERP-system enabled implementation of the following tasks:

  • common standards of corporate accounting and reporting support;
  • reduction of the time spent on report preparation due to speeding up the process of collecting and preparing the information;
  • increase in confidence in reporting by auditors, shareholders, creditors through improving of training quality and reliability of reporting;
  • simultaneous formation of accounting and taxation data;
  • automatic calculation of self-cost;
  • support for the common standards and principles of corporate planning;
  • access right delimitation for confidentiality preservation;
  • work automation, releasing key specialists from routine and technical work;
  • reducing overall complexity and reduce in the time required to obtain information for decision making;
  • agreement management automation;
  • removal of agreement double accounting through the integration of accounting and agreement performance services;
  • the system of internal settlements between branches (aviso) has been significantly improved;
  • the high degree of information relevance has been achieved - 1 day that fully meets customer requirements;
  • the administrative discipline of business units has been increased.

In 2014, an automated system of accounting and organization of consolidated financial reports under IFRS was put into company operation. The system was developed by VOLOSHYN company professionals in Cooperation with leading audit companies (EBS, Deloitte, BDO). This system has greatly increased confidence in statements, that was formed at the request of the World Bank, EBRD and other international financial institutions and is now confirmed by the absolutely positive assessment of the international audit company “BDO” on the results of financial reports of 2014.

“We think that this financial report accurately shows the financial status of the company in all critical aspects”, - from the BDO report.

In 2015, on the order of PJSC “Ukrhidroenergo” supply department of the subsystem of “Logistic Support Management” was developed. Due to the subsystem development, the logistic support of this huge enterprise has become similar to sophisticated mechanism aimed at planning, purchase and delivery of necessary implements as needed and at a given time to any structural unit.

During the project-related work performance, the specialists of the VOLOSHYN Company have studied, described, adapted, amended, regulated and ultimately automated processes of the supply department. Such an approach has enabled engagement of hundreds or even thousands of employees of PJSC “Ukrhidroenergo” in supply process which in its turn enabled saving of time and financial resources and coordination of work of numerous departments.

In addition to the above described the project on creating the unified reference data management system for PJSC “Ukrhidroenergo” was carried out in 2015. It helped in solving a number of problems caused by the multiplicity of reference data keeping and absence of common standards for reference data keeping as well as personnel insufficient skills.

The results of introduction the unified reference data management system:

  • rational work of corporate information systems in general;
  • improvement of the reliability and completeness of the primary accounting and consolidated reporting information;
  • providing compatibility of accounting and reporting documents;
  • centralization of responsibility for the quality of reference data;
  • the usage of quality reference data by all users of information and accounting subsystems of the company;
  • the increase of the efficiency of management decisions and operational control of key industrial and economic performance as a result of reference data consolidation and standardizing.

Software system support is performed according to the service level agreement (SLA).